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Posted: February 4, 2012 in Poetic Screed

So long has it been

the time we shared is like a dream once occurred

and I wonder if it ever was

it dissipates like mist in torrential seas

but the longing that remained reminds me

that potency is eternal

and therefore mine alone to see

did you sense the immensity of me?

I wonder…

do you remember?

the couch, the porch, the tree

does it lead you in long, winding roads of reverie?

can you hardly fathom you without me?

do memories of that time let you be?

like dreams that speak of ancient seas

scars of unknowing

“love is so short, forgetting so long”

do you replay that abiding song

I wonder…

88 days without you was a gift

compared to this long season adrift

and I cannot tell you, and I cannot tell you

we are but strangers, mere strangers

in the ever gathering dark

I starve in the absence of you

I crave in the absence of you

I live in the absence of you

I cannot shake the haunting melody of you

come back, my dear come back

I wonder…