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First Words Since

Posted: July 7, 2011 in Blog Info
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This is the first post on my WordPress blog!  I am very excited to begin this new chapter in my blogging life.  When I first began, I considered the act of blogging as an exercise in personal catharsis.  That is to say, a platform to express that which I would not want to bother my friends with.  I began to fulfill my love and passion for writing blogs on MySpace a number of years ago and from there it progressed into a more serious effort when I began Dialecticsoup over at  That effort further blossomed into another blog called Thought and Catharsis, also on  At the time, it seemed appropriate to bifurcate the content into two blogs, generally speaking, one for my “serious” writing about news and current events around me and another for my “fiction/poetry” writing.  At this point, it seems wholly unnecessary to continue that blogging method.  So I have decided to incorporate the content of both those blogs into a single one.

This post represents my first words since that time.  I have a number of blogs that I enjoy reading, many of which are affiliated with WordPress. com.  It seemed to me the right move but I am a grand procrastinator and so it has taken me until today to make the move.  The heart of this blog, however, remains the same: A platform to express that which I would not bother my friends with.  And so it is with immense delight that I welcome you to this blog.  I highly appreciate your readership.  And please feel free to comment…yes, you should feel that freedom!