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Posted: November 30, 2011 in Blog Info, Current Events
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There is nothing quite so disappointing as a blog languishing in disuse. So for now, I will update those that read my blog regularly.

I continue working on short fiction for a planned book of short stories that I decided on this past New Year’s. I had planned to try to publish it by the end of this year. And being that there is a month left, I don’t see that particular goal being successful. A lot of the stories I have shared here on my blog as a sort of test bubble for readers. And to this point, the comments have been positive. Only thing left to do is finish the stories (I’m thinking about 12 of them) and hopefully find a publisher. If not, then self-publishing might be the only option.

Also, I have begun thinking of another book project. I realize the folly of this given I’ve not finished the previous project, but I can’t help but look ahead. I plan to write a history/biography of 3 local musical artist whom I feel deserve a book/acknowledgment: Los Exitos de Joe Alaniz, Pio Treviño y Grupo Majic, and Laura Canales.

At the moment it seems a daunting task, but one that I’m familiar with enough to handle. And I have access to most of the people involved. Sadly, both Laura Canales and Pablo Garcia, vocalist for Los Exitos, have  passed away.  I feel it my duty to write their stories as best I can. I have wanted to do this for some time but I now feel capable of the task. And in any case, they’re not getting any younger! Their story must be told and available to the wider public.

I will provide further updates as they become available.  For now, I suggest that readers offer more comments on my work.  The more detailed they are the better as I can build on those comments and better myself in my writing endeavors.  Thanks again for your readership (whomever you may be).