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Whats Left of Taormina

Posted: June 30, 2014 in Life

Part I Elation

Kaleidoscopes may have once embraced the melody of her faces
And may someday capture the spring in her dance
Tonight, gaze brazenly into the sky for mere hints and glimpses of the wonders in her expression
Impetuous delights abound in the art of her playfulness
Entangled with each moment, like conspicuous pearls, are new and better reason to smile

Part II Longing

Relinquish as best you can the gift of her presence
Assuage that cold darkened sound
Compelled to live in the light of mere memory
Hallowed like soldiers on the ground
Echoes of her linger: that porch, that couch, that tree
Leading to long winding roads of reverie
Longing once more to embrace the melody of her faces
Ebbing inevitably with the passage of time

Part III Jubilation

Songbirds kiss the dawn, greetings in a thousand forms of splendor like the many faces of her
Mana falls with new expression – the shape of her smile
Inundated by the wealth in her attention
Taken by the warmth of her style
Hail, O Fortune! She gave me new eyes for seeing
Evermore besotted in the brightness of her being