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Above Water

Posted: January 27, 2013 in Life

Hands reaching above water

He continued, though many on the committee had begun leaving the room:

I want the bulk of my work to be a testament to the diversity of our small town…

A few turned around on politeness alone and to them he smiled, but to the others he shouted further:

I believe it is a rare thing indeed to have such a small community in South Texas as diverse and varied as the population we find in our city…

There was a cold silence as the last committee member shuffled her way out of the room.  It was Marquesa.

Not her

he thought

not her.

Of all the members, not her. She was the only one who had agreed to the lunch.  He thought he had her, that she had believed in his idea.  He sat on the rather large seat of the Chair of the Committee; sank into it, as they say.  Spinning around with his feet he decided to finish the task he had begun there and read what he had prepared for the committee in the silence of the boardroom:

To that end, I want my stories to burst forth with a light composed of the many voices of our little city; from the ubiquitous Kineño cowboy in the chaparral to the Mexican land laborer, from the Pakistani store owner to the group of Chinese students that meet on the third floor of the library to study.  Together, through the crucible of our lives and the decibel of our stories, we will serve as a spring board to the top.  That our existence here on this tiniest of corners in the world and here in this tiniest moment in time can be seen like outstretched hands above the water.

He sighed and walked out of the room, leaving the text of his remarks on the chair.