Update: Mother’s 12th Anniversary

Posted: July 11, 2012 in Family

Family and friends, here is what we decided on for mother’s 12th anniversary.  If you recall, I was tasked with writing a little something to place in the local paper.  I had many ideas: some poems, some memories and “thank yous” to family and friends; both in Spanish and English, which I’ll eventually share with everyone.   But we finally decided on a simple poem of sentiment.  We wanted to be able to reach as many people as possible who might read it.  We figured “less is more.”  And in the end, my mother was a simple woman with a caring heart and an almost unending spirit of acceptance.  This is to celebrate her life.

12th Anniversary

In Loving Memory

Guadalupe Vela Alvarez


Your memory burns bright
It’s in everything we do
We lived, we laughed, we loved
We did it all because of you

A dozen years have passed
We miss you more each day
Blessed are we to have been loved by you
And shown your simple loving way

The best of us is who you are
We know this to be true
We live, we laugh, we love
We do it all because of you

Save a place for us. We love and miss you

Children: Marcos Gonzalez, Maria Louisa Hernandez, Norma Hinojosa, Nora Garza, Rolando Alvarez, Ernesto Alvarez III, Grandchildren, Great Grandchildren and several nieces and nephews

  1. Petra says:

    Its is beautiful Ernie!! Thank you for sharing with us! Your MOM was a very special loving woman & I hold her in closely to my heart.She loved adored me & my family & we love her very much.

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