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The Task At Hand

Posted: June 18, 2012 in Current Events, Family

My sisters have bestowed upon me the honor of writing a little something for the local paper to honor the 12th anniversary of our mother’s passing.  Naturally, I’m torn as to what to write: a poem?  a eulogy?  a memory?

I have not decided on anything yet and the dead line is coming – July 11.    I have begun a poem in Spanish but have not been able to complete it; my Spanish is seriously lacking in eloquence and so that makes it a laborious process.  I want to share what I have so far which I think will stay almost as is.


hay se quedo el harina

hecho polvo en el fondo de un altar

la sal y pimienta no se hablan

el agua y azucar se dieron cuenta que ya no estas

las tortillas se han hecho obstinidos

rectangulos y torsidos

porque el palote esta en huelga

y “Basta!” dice la comida

manitas de miel, manitas de miel

como extranamos su manitas de miel


It’s a work in progress.  But I like where it is headed.  The tentative title is “Manitas de Miel”

I shall keep you posted!


A Monday…

Posted: June 4, 2012 in Life, Poetry

You forego the glass

Instead you slurp the water from your hands clasped together at the pinkie

Like some sort of womb or cradle

You get the sense that at this moment you are quenching more than one thirst

You feel ancient and connected to the world

Or at least you feel like when you were a child

And drinking water from the hose was your cup of tea