Little Blessings

Posted: April 9, 2012 in Humor, Life

April 10, 1912 (Wednesday)

  • RMS Titanic, the largest ship ever constructed up to that time, began its maiden voyage from Southampton, England at noon, with a final destination of New York City. [15] On its exit, the ship caused the American liner New York to break free of its moorings. [16] It arrived in Cherbourg,France that evening at 7:00 pm, took on more passengers, then departed two hours later. [17]
  • The French liner Niagara, sailing from Le Havre to New York, struck ice while sailing near Newfoundland. The ship’s bow plates were dented, the ship began to leak, and an S.O.S. was sent. The steamer Carmonia rushed to the rescue, but the crew of the Niagara was able to make repairs. [18]

The amazing gift of hindsight allows us to wallow in the dark similarities of these two events of not quite a hundred years ago.   On the day the Titanic embarked on her  maiden voyage into history, the French liner Niagara “struck ice … began to leak, and an S.O.S. was sent.”   In the end, as we gleefully see, Niagara was able to make repairs and keep afloat.  Alas, poor Titanic…

In other news, while hurrying to get breakfast this morning (wanting to get back home and enjoy my day off  – online!) I exited the restaurant location on the corner of Santa Gertrudes and 14th St.  (that’s  police parlance for “left the parking lot”) with stark intentionality.  I had noticed, Constable lights ablaze,  a funeral procession headed my way.  Not wanting to get caught up in deference to it, (again, I want to hurry home!)  I only slightly bumrushed the gas pedal on my truck to get ahead of the line of cars.

Speaking of unintended consequences, I traveled about a half mile to the stop light and got caught by the red.  So there I am, still; occasional, if intense, glances in the rear view mirror my refrain.  An impending funeral procession behind me, I anxiously await the green light:  Tick, Tock … Tick, Tock  Then, finally, red gives over to green and I hastily take the nearest turn, take a deep breath, and proceed home to enjoy my breakfast and this blog.

Blessings are in the minutiae of life.


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